Will your bot be the ultimate survivor ?

Join our competition and test your bot’s self-healing abilities

The goal of the challenge

participants will be asked to create an AI bot that completes 4 automation tasks, organized at an increasing level of difficulty for a given application.

Rules and guidelines

An excel spreadsheet will be provided with all the information the bot is anticipated to provide as input for the application. This will be provided in a tabular form, where each row constitutes the set of fields needed for a single user entry. Each row will include the following columns: First name, Username, Contact Number, Manager, Email, Job Description, Level, and Leave Reason. This dataset will be used to facilitate all 4 tasks.

Submission instructions

Teams must register for the competition. The solutions must be submitted by the specified deadline. Submission will include automatic measurement and scoring and the team’s description of the solution approach. Top-performing solutions will be evaluated by a panel of judges. The winning team will be announced at IJCAI in a special event at the the Future of No-Code Digital Apprentices workshop.


* Click on the task title in order to access the task.


Create bot that fills out a form with changing field positions and labels based on the provided Excel spreadsheet


Similar to Beginner, but the labels are positioned arbitrarily on the top, bottom, or inside their corresponding text input fields.


Create a bot that is capable of looking up users in a web search box, adding new users if they do not exist, and removing existing users if they do.

Pro Max

Similar to Pro, but with the addition of a ‘Reason’ field that changes its underlying implementation and values each time the form is submitted.



  • April 2, 2023

    Call for participation

  • April 20, 2023

    Deadline for registration

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    April 23-30, 2023

    Testing access to the website

  • July 1, 2023

    Deadline for submission

  • July 1, 2023

    Winners will be announced officially

    (after they were contacted privately). They will be invited to present their solution at a special event in one of the IJCAI workshops.


Dr. Segev Shlomov

AI research scientist @ IBM Research Segev.Shlomov1@ibm.com

Mr. Sami Marreed

Research engineer samim@ibm.com

Full Prof. Ronen Brafman

Ben-Gurion University, Israel brafman@bgu.ac.il

Prof. Xinyu Wang

University of Michigan, USA. xwangsd@umich.edu

Mr. Avi Yaeli

Research scientist @ IBM Research aviy@il.ibm.com

* If you have an inquiry or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at segev.shlomov1@ibm.com